Would You Eat at this Hospital-Themed Restaurant?

Las Vegas is a city full of quirky attractions, but the Heart Attack Grill might just be the strangest one.

The Heart Attack Grill, located in the heart of the city’s downtown, serves calorie-laden meals served in an appropriately hospital-themed space.


The restaurant, which opened in 2005, serves unhealthy foods and lets customers know about it. Why is this? The waiters and waitresses dress like doctors and nurses, wine is served out of an IV bag, and condiments are served out of containers meant to resemble pill bottles.

This restaurant is the subject of controversy. People have accused the Heart Attack Grill of selling excessively unhealthy foods. As proof, one of its burgers contains a whopping 8 beef patties and almost 10,000 calories.

Nonetheless, you can eat at Las Vegas´s most infamous restaurant and limit yourself, as they serve more conventional fare as well.

Despite the controversy, diners that go for a meal at the Heart Attack Grill generally leave with a story to tell. This restaurant’s wacky decor and theme makes for an unforgettable experience and story.

Is this restaurant interesting, or too creepy for you? It depends on your tastes, but if you are looking for a good hamburger and you aren’t afraid to be reminded that it isn’t the most healthy fare, this might be the restaurant for you.