Would You Try Fried Grasshoppers?

Photo: bistroaugusto/Instagram

Did you know that in certain areas of Mexico and Central America, it’s common to eat fried grasshoppers?

This dish is called chapulines in Spanish, and while it might turn the stomach of an outsider, they are beloved as a delicious snack in many parts of this region!

Chapulines are only consumed in the summer, from early May to September or October. This is when grasshoppers hatch and are freshest to eat.

After they hatch, they are then cleaned and prepared to be cooked.

Chapulines are typically prepared by being toasted on a griddle that is similar to a normal frying pan. They are normally seasoned with sour and spicy ingredients such as fresh-squeezed lime juice, garlic, and salt. Sometimes, if people are looking for a little bit of a kick, they are even seasoned with spicy red chili peppers.

So, what do they taste like?

Even though eating bugs can sound a bit off-putting, most people that try chapulines end up loving them. They are crunchy, sour, and/or spicy depending on what is used to season them. They’re also healthy, low in fat, and a great source of protein!

Would you be brave enough to try chapulines? I guarantee that you won’t regret it!