Would You Try These Edible Bugs from Around the World?

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

Eating insects is all the rage these days. Containing loads of nutrients, including protein, consuming insects is good for the environment because of how few resources are needed in order to raise them for food.

While eating insects might have just recently become a trend in most Western societies, the reality is that it’s been a popular thing to do in many cultures. Here are some edible bugs from around the world that you should try, if you’re brave enough.


This Mexican snack is popular during the summertime in this Latin American country. Grasshoppers are collected and toasted on top of a griddle before being sprinkled with lime juice, chili pepper, and garlic. Yum!

Fried Spiders

Fried spiders are consumed as a delicacy in the Southeast Asian country of Cambodia. Big tarantulas are grown in the forest and then fried in oil with garlic until crispy and runny on the inside. It tastes better than it sounds, trust me.


Mealworm Burgers

Now, this insect food is a little bit newer and less traditional than the two previous ones. Lately, companies and restaurants have begun experimenting with mealworm burgers as an alternative to beef patties. They’re said to be tasty, but you might have to wait a while until they become a staple item.