You Have to Try These Classic Mexican Beers

Photo by Jake Bradley on Unsplash

Mexican beers have become popular over the past couple of decades after the export market for the product began to take off. Now, in countries like the United States, it’s actually quite easy to find beers from south of the border at affordable prices.

Mexican beers, which are mostly simple lagers, are great for summer because they are light and pair excellently with a lime and a pool.

Here are three Mexican beers that you should check out this summer.

Pacifico Clara

Pacifico Clara is my favorite Mexican beer. Its classic yellow label is easily recognizable and it can be found in many places outside of Mexico. It goes perfectly with spicy food and has a pleasant, cracker-like pilsner taste that is great for sipping.

Negra Modelo

Negra Modelo isn’t a typical Mexican lager. This fantastic beer is a dark lager, meaning that it has toasty notes and a roasted quality that makes it a heavier option than most Mexican beers. It’s unique and delicious.


This well-known, classic Mexican lager has citrus notes, which makes it great to pair with spicy seafood dishes like shrimp tacos. It’s refreshing and a classic for sipping while poolside on a hot day.