You Might Like Meat Better If You Try It Like This

Meat sandwich
Photo by Wilfred Wong on Unsplash

Are you someone who doesn’t enjoy eating meat, but not because of any of the typical reasons that normally influence vegetarians and vegans (reasons that are totally respectable, we’d like to add)? If that’s you, perhaps you just don’t like meat because you never ate the right variety or the right kind. If you don’t enjoy eating meat on its own, might we suggest trying it in a sandwich?

A Whole Different Experience

Perhaps you tasted a hunk of steak when you were young and from that moment on you turned yourself to all meat. But if you’re open to other options, a meat sandwich may be the right thing for you. Whether it’s a deli sandwich or a hamburger for that matter, it’s a completely different experience from eating meat on its own, and here’s why you might like it better.

It’s Mixed In With Other Foods

When it comes to steak or brisket, there’s no buffer room, no middleman—just the meat. If that’s too much for you, maybe it’s a texture thing. When you eat meat in a hamburger, there are many other players involved, such as lettuce, tomato, sauces, and of course bread. This changes the texture, and might actually change the way you look at meat while eating it.