You Need Dulce De Leche In Your Life

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Dulce de leche is the Latin American version of caramel. While caramel is made by burning sugar with water and adding in some butter or cream at the end, dulce de leche is made by boiling milk for hours with sugar until the milk has changed color, flavor, and texture. If you are looking for a new sweet treat to obsess over, dulce de leche will change your life.

How To Make It

You can buy dulce de leche at the store, or make it yourself at home. The easiest way to make it at home is by taking a can of condensed milk, poking two holes at the top, and putting it in a large pot. Cover the pot with water and let it simmer for 2-3 hours. Make sure the cans are always covered with water and you will have perfect dulce de leche every time!

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How To Use It

Dulce de leche is absolutely the type of sweet that you can eat right out of the can with a spoon. But, if you are willing to be patient you can add it to the top of cakes, or make alfajores using two shortbread cookies and dulce de leche in the middle.