You Need to Have Your Butter in Multiple Places in Your Kitchen!

Butter tips
Image by rodeopix from Pixabay

Just when you thought butter was a simple thing, we’re here to prove you otherwise. Butter is such an important ingredient, and sometimes the temperature really does matter! Here’s why you need to keep your butter in the right spots for optimal baking and cooking.

Room Temperature

Though this can freak out a lot of people, if you put good butter out on a dish with a lid, as long as it’s not boiling hot in your house for days on end, your health will not be at risk. The reason why you need room temperature butter, besides avoiding sad torn pieces of bread and toast, is for baking. Most recipes will call for softened butter and if you don’t have that, prepare to wait up to an hour to get it to the consistency you need, and no one has time for that!


There are two reasons and ways to keep butter in the freezer. If you’re not a huge butter user but you still want to keep it in the house, put it straight into the freezer from the grocery store. It’ll keep for anywhere from six to nine months so you have a lot of time to play with. Also, you should also cube and store butter in the freezer for things like sauces, pie doughs, and other baking needs.