Viral TikTok Video Shows How to Make Chocolate from Scratch

Making chocolate
Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes on Unsplash

Chocolate is so widely available that most of us never stop to wonder how this tasty treat is made. All we know is that it magically appears in supermarkets, grocery stores, and gas stations, waiting for us to pick it up and enjoy its deliciousness. But, as it turns out, the process of making chocolate is a lot more complex than it seems. And it doesn’t involve magic. Shocking, right?  

TikToker Chantel Jiroch (@chanteljiroch) recently decided to make chocolate from scratch and take internet users behind the scenes of the chocolate-making process.

Jiroch started with removing cacao seeds from cacao fruit. She put the seeds, which don’t look like they can turn into something appetizing, in a bowl and left them to ferment for a week.

After the fermentation process was finished, Jiroch then toasted the seeds and then separated the cacao beans from the shell. The next step was to crush them and blend them with sugar and milk to get smooth chocolate.

The video of Jiroch making chocolate from scratch quickly took over TikTok, with social media users being fascinated with the process. Since being posted in April, the clip racked up an impressive 45.2 million views while attracting 20K comments. Check it out below.


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We don’t know about you, but we’re not prepared to try doing something as challenging as this anytime soon. We’d rather continue believing in magic and get our chocolate from their spawn points.