You Won’t Believe That These Popular World Sodas are a Thing

What’s your favorite soda flavor? From the classic notes of Coca-Cola to the citrus burst that drinks like Sprite and Mountain Dew offer, there is truly something for anyone available for those that like a carbonated drink.

In fact, you might just not even believe some of the strange soda flavors that are available throughout the globe! Check out some of the weirdest sodas that have become popular in different countries around the planet.

Curry Soda (Japan)

Ramune, a Japanese company that specializes in making unique flavors, but has experienced incredible popularity, offers a soda that is made with curry. Combining citrus flavors, sweetness, and curry might sound strange, but many love this beverage.

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Grass Jelly Soda (Malaysia)

If you don’t mind chunks of grassy pulp in your soda, this bizarre beverage from Malaysia might be just for you. This drink is actually based around a popular Asian dessert that uses the leaves from a mint-like plant, though, and not the type of grass that you’d find in your lawn.

Birch Beer (United States)

Despite its misleading name, birch beer doesn’t contain any alcohol. It is, in reality, just a soda that is similar to root beer, containing herbal extracts and the bark from birch trees, a commonly-found tree in the northeastern United States.