You’ll Laugh at Haribo’s Strangest Flavors

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Haribo is definitely having a moment of popularity right now. These gummy treats originated in Germany nearly a century ago, but they’re especially popular right now. Sour, sweet, and chewy, Haribos are enjoyed by people all around the world.

While we might typically associate Haribo with gummy bears, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some truly weird flavors floating around out there. Here are some of the strangest Haribo flavors available worldwide.

Sour S’Ghetti

Sour candy isn’t often made to look like neon-colored spaghetti, but Haribo has done it. With strawberry, blue raspberry, and apple flavors in the package, we wouldn’t recommend putting tomato sauce on these.


Candy isn’t supposed to give you nightmares, but Haribo Teeth, which are available in the Spanish and Turkish markets, might come close to doing so. These gummy teeth might taste good, but they’re downright freaky.


Available in both gummy and sour versions, Haribo gives people around the world to bite off Papa Smurf’s head with these strange candies.

Saure Pommes

These weird treats are similar to the first entry on the list, but with the shape and thickness of classic french fries. We’re not sure why they had to choose this name, but we guess creativity is the name of the game for this eclectic company.