You’ll Love These Delicious Korean Sweets

East Asia is a region of the country that is absolutely full of a variety of unique sweet treats. In particular, South Korea produces some of the most delectable candies and pastries that are available on the market.

If you find yourself in South Korea or browsing the aisles of a specialty grocery store, keep your eye out for these sweet treats that you are absolutely going to love.

Orion Choco Pie

Have you ever had a Moon Pie before? This Korean treat is quite similar to the well-known Southern pastry, consisting of two layers of vanilla-flavored cake with a marshmallow filling between them, and then covered in chocolate. Delicious!

Pumpkin Monaca

Korean treats are also adept at taking unique ingredients and turning them into sweet favorites. Pumpkin monaca, consisting of a crispy rice exterior and a thick, paste-like filling made with pumpkin, is a fall favorite in Korea.

Haitai Sweet Plum Candy

Plums are one of Korea’s favorite fruits, and their sweet flavor is on display in these delicious plum candies. Sweet and slightly tart, these candies contain real plums as well as green tea extract.