Your Cornbread Won’t Go Dry This Holiday Season If You Follow These Tips

Photo by cook_inspire/Depositphotos

There’s nothing like cornbread over the holiday season, whether you’re serving it at Thanksgiving or just make a big pot of chili with some on the side.

But, there’s nothing worse than pulling it out of the oven and finding it to be dry as a bone. To avoid that, follow these three recipe tips and you’ll never have to worry about dry cornbread this holiday season.


Whether your recipe calls for milk or water, ditch them both and only go for buttermilk. This will give you the moisture you’re looking for as well as a higher fat content to keep your cornbread tasting delicious.

Sour Cream

Even just half a cup of sour cream added to your wet ingredients can totally combat dryness in your cornbread. Though your recipe might not say to add it, you don’t need to worry about substituting anything with it, just go ahead and add it in!


If you really want to guarantee moistness, trade in some or all of the corn in your recipe from creamed corn. The creaminess from the corn will build on the moisture in the cornbread, so you will come out with a super lovely a moist end product.