Yukiko Tanzi is Rocking Our World With Her Vegan Donuts

Despite being incredibly delicious, donuts are one of the fattiest desserts on the market, but you can make them a little better by making them vegan. Yukiko Tanzi is one of the food bloggers putting plant-based donuts on the map, and here are some of her best recipes.

Matcha Vegan Donuts

Matcha desserts are one of the staples of Tanzi’s Instagram page. She enjoys coloring all sorts of desserts into a vibrant green shade using matcha powder, and she did it with donuts this time around.

Vegan Strawberry Donuts

Strawberries can make pretty much every dessert a little bit better and sweeter—including these plant-based donuts with a delicious glaze made with melted strawberries. Chopped strawberries are used as a filling, giving these donuts a richer flavor.

Chai Donuts

Speaking of donuts with a delicious glaze, these ones will knock you off your feet with their homemade maple glaze. Chai spice, made by mixing cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and nutmeg, makes them even more irresistible.

Tropical Donuts

If you want to make donuts that taste just like summer, these ones are the best possible fit. Tanzi made sure there was something for everyone by using both watermelon and passion fruit for the glaze.