10 Essential Items for Every Bar Cart

We know it’s not 1950, but having a bar cart in your apartment is still an amazing addition, especially if you like to throw parties.

Here are 10 essential items every bar cart should have. The list was made based on what two professional bartenders, Vanessa Dina and Ivy Mix, told Mental Floss.

  • Five basic alcoholic drinks: vodka, gin, bourbon, rum, and tequila
  • Mixers: vermouth and Campari for start.
  • Bitters, the flavorful extracts that add the taste of herbs and spices to your drinks.
  • Mason jars for stirring and mixing the drinks.
  • A hand juicer for getting the fresh juice from fruits.
  • A citrus peeler for decorating the drinks with lemon, lime, or orange peel.
  • A shaker that should come with a strainer is an amazing, versatile tool.
  • An ice dish with a pair of tongs is definitely a necessity
  • A range of glasses for different drinks.
  • Finally, give the cart a personal touch with your favorite flowers or a photo of your family.