3 Burger Brands That Are Completely Meatless

Plant Based Burger
Image via fudio/Depositphotos

If you’ve recently embarked on a journey into the world of non-meat burgers, we’re excited for you. It may feel a little bit daunting at first, and you may be worried that there aren’t any burgers out there that’ll live up to the old meat burgers you know and love. But here are three non-meat burger companies that’ll deliver the goods any day of the week.

Impossible Burger

Impossible burgers have become so popular that countless restaurants all around the world have been serving them as part of their menu. Indeed, they might not be made with meat, but they taste just as delicious, and won’t leave you feeling bloated afterward.

Beyond Meat

Another company that’s incredibly popular when it comes to meatless burgers is Beyond Meat. Not only do they offer patties, but you can also buy ground “beef”, and many other products that’ll get the job done and satisfy your taste buds.


Lightlife is an up-and-coming meat-less burger brand that seems to be taking the world by storm with their delicious patties. Not the household name like the two previous ones, it still has ways to go—but when you taste its burgers you’ll see why it’s growing so fast.