TikToker Tries All of Gordon Ramsay’s Frozen Food So You Wouldn’t Have To

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay recently launched a line of frozen foods that expectedly caused quite a buzz. Some foodies are excited to test the food, while others are surprised by the news, considering Ramsay always talked down on frozen food in his cooking shows.

The “By Chef Ramsay” frozen food line consists of eight dishes—mushroom risotto, lasagna with Bolognese meat sauce, fish and chips, four cheese macaroni, lemon caper chicken, chicken pot pie, slow roasted beef in a red wine sauce, and shepherd’s pie – and is exclusively available at Walmart across the U.S. But luckily, you don’t have to buy all of Ramsay’s frozen dishes to find out how they taste.

TikTok user @lukefoods decided to grab every By Chef Ramsay product and put it to a taste test. His original video, in which he reviewed shepherd’s pie and fish and chips, ended up getting 6.4 million views in just a couple of days.

His overall impression of the two dishes was that they were satisfactory but nothing to be excited about. He especially had a problem with them being priced fairly high at $6 per package.

@lukefoods released several follow-up videos in which he went through the rest of the dishes in By Chef Ramsay frozen food line. They also failed to impress him, so the chances are that you won’t be blown away either. Check his reviews below to help you decide whether to give Gordon Ramsay’s frozen food a try.