3 Dumpling Soups for When You Need Some Comfort

Dumpling soups
Photo by Pooja Chaudhary on Unsplash

Soup is one of the ultimate comfort foods, and so are carbs. So combining them makes more some serious comfort and warmth whenever you need it. And how do you combine carbs and soup besides noodles? That’s right, dumplings. With many different iterations from many different cultures, dumplings are one of the best foods out there. Here are three of the best comfort soups with dumplings.

Matzo Ball Soup

You’ve probably heard of this and associate it with motherly warmth. Matzo ball soup is a classic chicken soup with balls made from matzo meal and egg cooked inside. These dumplings range from small, dense, and chewy to large, soft, and melt-in-your-mouth, depending on who makes them.

Chicken and Dumplings

As the American south’s answer to Matzo balls, chicken and dumplings features a creamy chicken soup base (often created with canned cream of mushroom soup or similar), carrots and peas, and of course dumplings. Rather than matzo meal these dumplings are made with flour or a similar starch mixed with heavy cream, so they are generally chewier and much richer than their counterpart.

Potsticker Soup

Using frozen Chinese potstickers, this Asian-style soup is super easy to make. Just whip up a comforting broth of chicken stock, soy, and sesame as well as garlic and ginger, throw in whatever veggies you want and the cooked potstickers, and top with sesame seeds and green onions.