3 Plant-based Alternatives For Pizza Bases

Pizza is fantastic, and there’s no denying it. Unfortunately, it can be quite calorific, and even if you skip the cheese, the base dough is high in carbohydrates.

Fortunately, even if you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle, you don’t have to give up pizza altogether. Here are 3 healthier, veg-based options for a yummier, guilt-free pizza.

Sweet Potato

Sweet potato isn’t just a great option for fries, it’s a great option for pizza bases too. Boil up and drain the potatoes, add a cup of almond flower and kneed the mash until it resembles a ball of dough. Bake for 20 minutes.


Cauliflower is an amazing substitute vegetable. It works perfectly as a veg alternative to rice, but it is also an ideal replacement for white flower. All you need to do is shred and steam the cauliflower, add egg and salt and pepper to taste and then press and shape to make a base.


Spinach contains all sorts of vitamins and minerals, so if you’re getting a healthy dose of spinach in your pizza, you’re pretty much winning at this healthy lifestyle thing. It’s also super easy to prepare. We like this recipe here.