4 Unique Ways to Use BBQ Sauce

BBQ sauce
Photo by Amie Johnson on Unsplash

Barbecue sauce, aka BBQ sauce, is something most people have in their pantry or fridge. However, they rarely use it for anything other than barbecues and grilled meat, which is quite a shame. BBQ sauce can be used in so many ways and be a great addition to many dishes. Continue reading to find out some unique ways to use BBQ sauce.

Put it on a Pizza

We know it is blasphemy even to suggest it. But we can keep this one between us because BBQ sauce on pizza really works. It can be used instead of tomato sauce as its sweeter alternative or simply drizzled on top of a pizza for an added kick.

Pair it With Grilled Fruit and Veggies

Grilled meat isn’t the only thing that deserves some BBQ sauce; grilled fruit and veggies can also greatly benefit from it. The sweet and smoky flavor of BBQ sauce complements the sweetness of fruit and enhances or adds to the sweetness of veggies.

Make a Mayo and BBQ Sauce Dip

Mayo and BBQ sauce is a combo you didn’t know you needed in life. The creaminess of the mayo and sweetness of the BBQ sauce will come together in an amazing dip that can be paired with anything from chicken wings to potato wedges.

 Add it to Scrambled Eggs

We all need to make our breakfast eggs a bit more exciting from time to time. BBQ sauce can help you do this. Simply add it to scrambled eggs or drizzle it over fried eggs. It will result in a completely different experience for your taste buds, one you won’t easily walk away from.