3 Restaurants to Try in New York City if You Love Japanese Food

If you’re looking for a culinary adventure, and are okay with spending top dollar to get some of the best food in the world, then New York City is the place to do it. With a range of cuisines from all around the world, there is no shortage of authentic and delicious cooking to try. Keep reading for some of our top Japanese restaurant recommendations in NYC.


This place is located on a stunning rooftop, offering a unique sushi experience with panoramic views of Manhattan. It also has a vast menu of delectable sushi, poke bowls, and wine, that make it a beautiful dining experience for all sushi lovers.


For those looking for an incredibly authentic dining experience, look no further than Icca. The fish is all locally sourced from Japan, and the nigiri is served traditionally. This place, hidden behind a cocktail bar, is a well-kept secret, and diners will not be disappointed by the delicious and creative menu. Fans of authentic Japanese cuisine will definitely enjoy this top-rated restaurant.

Nami Nori

This menu offers a broad range of vegan options like a vegetable miso soup with fried tofu and shishito. Diners can also enjoy authentic Japanese dishes with a creative menu and flare. This place is not to be skipped if you’re looking for somewhere cozy, bright, and tasty.