3 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Clean with Vinegar

Image by Anelka from Pixabay

We all have white vinegar in our homes and use it mostly for cooking, but did you know that it can help you clean stubborn stains out of many household things? Vinegar is cheap and non-toxic, but it can successfully replace many commercial cleaning solutions and is often better than them. Here are 3 surprising things you can clean with vinegar.


A small bowl of vinegar in your dishwasher will help clean hard water stains that you can’t rub off by hand. Make sure to put it in the top rack so the machine’s rubber gaskets stay safe.


After you clean out your freezer, finish the job with white vinegar and hot water solution. This non-toxic mixture won’t contaminate your food but will effectively clean everything inside the freezer.

Hardwood Floors

Instead of a store-bought hardwood floor cleaner, you can try mixing half a cup of vinegar in a gallon of warm water and use the mixture to mop the floors. This is especially useful when you have kids who roll around the floor all the time; this way, they won’t accidentally swallow any chemicals.