3 Ways to Put a Twist on Traditional Hot Chocolate

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Winter is a time for delicious, hot beverages. Hot chocolate is a classic during the coldest months of the year.

Hot chocolate is usually a pretty simple beverage, consisting of chocolate, milk, and whipped cream that are combined to make a rich, sweet beverage.

It isn’t hard to switch it up and liven up your normal, boring hot chocolate, nonetheless. Here are some ways that you can put a spin on this classic beverage.

Peanut Butter

Chocolate and peanut butter is another classic combination, so why not mix the two in the form of peanut butter hot chocolate?

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It’s easy to concoct this beverage, as you only have to add a couple of tablespoons into your normal hot chocolate to make this “Reese’s in a cup.”


Another classic combination is coffee and chocolate. While mochas and other coffee-based beverages that incorporate chocolate are heavier on the coffee, adding a simple shot of espresso to your hot chocolate just adds a bit of caffeine and a touch of coffee bitterness to a normal hot chocolate.

Baileys Irish Cream

This adults-only twist on the traditional hot chocolate incorporates Baileys, the classic Irish whiskey and creme liqueur. Baileys adds a creamy, tasty kick to hot chocolate and is perfect for a chilly night out.