3 Ways to Take Your Curries to the Next Level

Curry dish
Photo by Kalyani Akella on Unsplash

Curries are one of the best foods out there. There’s such a wide range available and so many variations of each dish. And the combination of spaced meat or vegetables with fluffy rice or noodles is a match made in heaven. But sometimes you may find your curries slightly lacking. Here are some tips to ensure they’re always incredible. 

Cook the Spices to Let the Flavor Out

A classic error when it comes to cooking curries is to add the spices too late or in a way that doesn’t allow them to fully develop. Ideally, you would add them to the pot when there’s some hot oil and onions in there and allow that all to cook well. Having the spices in hot oil in this way allows them to really release their flavors and will result in a much taster curry at the end. 

Marinade Your Protein

Whatever your protein of choice, whether it’s meat, paneer, or chickpeas, it will do wonders to let it marinate in some tasty flavors before cooking it. Mix your choice of spices and herbs with some oil, and soak your protein in the mixture for a few hours before you begin the cooking process. This will ensure tender deliciousness with every mouthful.