5 Ways to Prepare Coffee from All Around the World

Great Big Story published an interesting video recently in which they introduce us to five unique ways people around the world make coffee. You’ll be surprised how many different ways there are to make coffee differently and you’ll likely want to try them all after watching the video.

From Mexico to Vietnam, Sweden, Turkey, and Ethiopia, we get to learn more about the fascinating differences in the ways people prepare and drink coffee. The Mexican coffee in the video is made with unrefined sugar, cinnamon, and orange rinds. In Sweden, we see a woman enjoying her traditional coffee with cheese instead of milk. And in Turkey, we see a café vendor preparing traditional coffee by heating the pot on the hot sand.

An Ethiopian woman makes a big pot of freshly roasted Jimma coffee beans for her and her neighbors. Vietnam is the home of egg coffee, and we see a crowded coffee shop and people enjoying this delicious beverage. 

Watch the video below.