3 Amazing Ideas for Packing Cookies as Holiday Gifts

Photo by Miroslava on Unsplash

The holidays are coming and it’s time to think about the gifts you want to give to the people you care about. A great gift is not one that costs a lot, but the one you give from the heart. Bonus points if you make it yourself, which is why homemade cookies are one of our favorite options.

But how do you pack them to turn them into a cute and special present? Here are three ideas for that.

Upgrade Store-Bought Cookie Tins

You can find amazing tins and boxes for cookies in the stores, but to give them a personal touch, add some tissue paper, ribbons, and small decor items. 

Baking Pan

This is probably our favorite idea: pack your cookies in a baking pan and give someone a two-fold gift. Once they eat the cookies, they will be left with a pan to make more delicious treats! You can also include your favorite recipe as a third part of the gift. Fill the pan with cookies, wrap it in cellophane, and tie it with a ribbon and you’re done.

Mason Jar

If you have some mason jars leftover from organizing your pantry, use them to store cookies for an adorable gift everyone will love.