A Man Was Accidentally Charged $100,000 for a Single Beer

Photo by Tatiana Rodriguez on Unsplash

$100,000 is a lot of money from anyone’s perspective. There are so many things you can buy with that kind of money, but this man nearly spent just as much on a single bottle of beer.

Author Peter Lalor was a guest at the Malmaison Hotel in Manchester where he received an unpleasant surprise. Lalor got to the hotel bar for a nightcap and ordered a single beer, a bottle of an English IPA. After he was done with it, he asked for a check, only to see that he was charged $99,983.64 for that very beer! And on top of that, there was a $2,499.59 transaction fee!

Not yet knowing if he should be annoyed or amused, Lalor took to Twitter to share what happened with the world. “See this beer? That is the most expensive beer in history. I paid $99,983.64 for it in the Malmaison Hotel, Manchester the other night. Seriously,” the man wrote.

He continued the story in the comments below his tweet and you can read it below.