A Short Guide to Different Types of Sugar

Image by Nick Demou/Stocksnap

There are so many types of sugar, so it’s hard to keep track. These are some of the four that you’ve probably heard of, but you know nothing about.


Muscovado is very similar to sugar cane, with the main difference that it’s produced with minimal processing. This sugar has a darker brown color, but it is also available in several lighter hues. It is a great substitute for all other types of sugar, with the only difference that it has a much stronger taste.

Cane Sugar

As the name suggests, cane sugar is made of sugarcane. It has a slightly darker off-white color, that is more on the cream side of shades. The flavor is a bit deeper compared to the regular white sugar. The prices vary, but it can be a bit more expensive than the conventional version.

Palm Sugar

Palm trees are the source that provide this sweetener. It is one of the unrefined types of sugar which also contain beneficial vitamins.



Demerara is also less processed and contains molasses, which makes this sugar a little bit sticky. The color is a darker cream hue. When it comes to the crystals, you’ll notice that they are bigger.