Alex Snodgrass Will Rock Your World with Her Healthy and Filling Chicken Salads

Adding some chicken to your salad is the best way to put make it extra delicious, while still keeping it healthy. No one knows this better than Alex Snodgrass, who’s constantly sharing recipes for delicious, filling, and healthy chicken salads on her food blog The Defined Dish.

BBQ Chicken Skewer Salad

If you love chicken skewers and salads equally, it’s time to combine these two dishes into one. That’s exactly the idea behind this BBQ chicken salad, and the list of its healthy ingredients includes corn, lettuce, and cherry tomatoes, plus a tasty herby ranch.

Spring Roll-Inspired Grilled Chicken Salad

Snodgrass is obviously a huge fan of chicken salads that take inspiration from other dishes. This one also falls under that category, and it contains chicken thighs and some of the essential spring rolls ingredients, in addition to homemade marinade.

Vietnamese-Inspired Shredded Chicken Salad

Snodgrass also enjoys salads inspired by international cuisine, and she paid homage to Vietnam with this one. It’s her own take on the authentic Goi Ga salad, made with chicken and three different kinds of shredded cabbage.

Chicken Paillard Salad

Chicken paillard salad is a pretty popular take on this dish, and Snodgrass made hers extra delicious by adding homemade Thai basil green goddess dressing to the mix.