Want to Make Those Cool Meat Roses for Your Charcuterie Board? Here is How

Charceuterie Board
Photo by Juliana Barquero on Unsplash

Charcuterie boards have been all over social media in recent years, and it doesn’t seem like they will go away anytime soon. And why would they? They look cool, allow you to be creative, and result in an amazing gastronomic experience.

Now, making a charcuterie board isn’t just about throwing together a bunch of cured meat and cheese and calling it a day. The better it looks, the more appetizing it is.

One of the best things you can do to elevate your charcuterie board is to make some meat roses. They are eye-catching, will amaze your friends and family, and are simple to make despite not looking that way.

A while back, TikToker Monica Moyer shared a quick hack that transforms slices of cured meat into a rose in no time.

Moyer takes a shot glass and starts layering slices of salami alongside the rim while overlapping them. The half of the slice goes into the glass while the other half is pressed on the outer side. After using up 10 or so slices, she turns the glass upside down, and a beautiful meat rose is revealed.

Check out her video below and turn your next charcuterie board into a work of art.