An Icelandic Yogurt Company Wants to Pay You to Live There

Iceland is regarded as one of the happiest countries in the world. The nation often ranks first in global reports of happy and peaceful countries as a result of its high quality of life and natural beauty. And now, you could get to soak it all up thanks to a yogurt company. 

If you’re not familiar with skyr, it’s an Icelandic dairy product that lies somewhere between yogurt and cheese, depending on who you ask. It has a thick consistency and sour taste, making it totally different from traditional yogurts on the shelves. In fact, that is how Siggi’s began. 

Back in 2005, Icelandic native, Siggi Hilmarsson, found yogurts in the US too sweet for his taste and missed the skyr he grew up with. After receiving a recipe from his mother, he decided to make his own and that boomed into a full-time skyr dairy. 

Siggi’s now wants to hire someone to enjoy the “more simple life” in Iceland and document it all.

“This freelancing gig of Chief Simplicity Offi-skyr will allow someone to spend time in Iceland living and documenting a simple life during the country’s new, successful 4-day work week,” reads the advert. As part of the job, the “offi-skyr” will use photography, writing, and other means to document the experience of chasing the Northern Lights, waterfalls, glaciers, and all that Iceland’s nature has to offer. 

And if that didn’t sound fun enough—the chosen candidate will help come up with new skyr flavors based on Icelandic cuisine. All of this will be compensated up to $50,000 for work commissioned by Siggi’s as part of the gig. So why not?