Is Cooking Truly a Form of Art?

Cooking food
Photo by Max Delsid on Unsplash

A common topic in the culinary field is that it can be a form of art. But is this really true, and if so, how? After all, how many different ways are there to make a grilled cheese? Or a lasagna? Things are generally pretty rule-based, so how can it be an art form? Here’s how.

The Beauty of Balance

In all art forms, and in life as well, there is a profound balance at work. This balance is between the source, or the foundation—and the exploration. Another way to describe it would be healthy teamwork between rules and experimentation. This balance is a cornerstone of art, and it’s hugely important in the kitchen as well.

Breaking The Rules

Art isn’t just about doing whatever you feel like. It’s about practicing rules and believing in the foundations of what came earlier. Once these rules become second nature, at that point an artist can break free from the mold and try something new. This is certainly true with cooking, for only after a chef understands the essentials for a dish can he or she explore their unique voice within that recipe. So yes—cooking is certainly an art form, and a proud one at that!