Are You Making These Mistakes With Minced Meat?

There are so many amazing recipes that require minced meat, from burgers to shepherd’s pie and meatballs, but it’s easy to go wrong somewhere in the process and ruin the whole meal. Here are the most common mistakes to avoid.

Proper Freezing

You need to repack the meat before freezing it after bringing it home from the store. Wrap it in the aluminum foil before putting it in the plastic bag and then it’s safe to go in the freezer.

Microwave Thawing

As you’re defrosting the meat in the microwave, the outer layer will start to cook. Give it enough time to thaw naturally.

Cold Pan

You’ll get the best flavor if you put the meat on a hot pan coated with some oil or butter. Putting it in a cold pan will make it stick to the bottom and it won’t brown nicely.

Excess Water

Minced meat releases some water that you can drain if you want, especially if your recipe requires a precise amount of liquid to be added and you’re worried if the water from the meat will mess it up.