Culinary School Cooking Tips You Should Know

Cooking tips
Photo by Sorin Gheorghita on Unsplash

Obviously, most home cooks don’t attend culinary school. Instead, we pick up our cooking tips and recipes from our families, friends, cooking shows, and yes, the internet. But if you didn’t go to culinary school, don’t feel like you’re missing out. Because in this article, we’ve compiled some cooking tips commonly taught in culinary school.

Season with Soy Sauce More Often

Instead of using salt, consider using soy sauce, fish sauce, or tamari. It’ll give you a deeper umami flavor and, because it’s more concentrated, you’ll often end up with less sodium in your dish. Try it in scrambled eggs or caramelized onions, you don’t have to save it only for Asian dishes.

Use More Butter

If you want your sauces to be as rich, delicious, and shiny as the ones in restaurants, finish them off with a few pats of cold butter before serving. Is it healthy? No, but it sure is appealing to the senses.

Season Into Your Hand First

When adding seasoning (like salt) to a dish you’re cooking, pour it first into your clean palm and then transfer it into the pot or pan. That way, you won’t have any disasters where you accidentally dump a cup of salt into your dish.