Avoid These 5 Mistakes to Take Your Apple Pie to the Next Level

Apple pie
Photo by Kavya P K on Unsplash

Apple pie is one of the staples of the holiday season, but it takes time to master your own recipe. If you want to make sure your apple pies are as delicious as it gets just in time for the festivities, avoiding these common mistakes will get you there.

Skipping Apple Prep

When picking apples for your pie, make sure to opt for firmer varieties that won’t get mushy when baked, and always chop them instead of blending them.

Apple Overload

Too much of a good thing can lead to a huge mess when it comes to apple pies. Don’t fill your pie with too many apples because its crust could get too wet from extra juice.

No Thickener

Flour, cornstarch, and similar thickeners are a must when it comes to apple pies because your crust will be too thin and mushy if you don’t use them.

Room Temperature

Once you’re done preparing your dough, make sure to put it inside your fridge while prepping the filling. It will soften and leave you with soggy crust if it’s kept at room temperature.

Oven Temperature

Speaking of temperature, it’s also important that your oven is properly heated when you’re baking the pie because the bottom of the crust won’t bake evenly otherwise.