Avoid These Common Mistakes to Make Perfectly Delicious French Fries

French fries
Photo by Fernanda Martinez on Unsplash

French fries are one of the most popular fast foods on the market and it doesn’t hurt that it’s pretty easy to make them. If you’re still a newbie and feel like your fries are missing a little something to be perfectly crispy and delicious, here are five mistakes you might be making without even knowing it.

Right Potatoes

Unless you’re using frozen French fries, the potatoes you choose make all the difference. You should go for a potato type that doesn’t contain too much starch, and yellow-fleshed potatoes are usually the best choice.

Right Cut

After choosing potatoes, it’s important to cut them right. By making them similar in size, you’re making sure they’ll cook evenly and you should stick to half a centimeter per fry.

Soaking Potatoes

It’s crucial to let your potatoes soak in water for at least half an hour before you fry them because this allows them to lose some of the starch.

Busy Pan

You might be tempted to put all your fries in a pan and call it a day, but you shouldn’t do it if there’s not enough room. Fries need some space to cook evenly and they shouldn’t overlap.

Just Add Salt

Your French fries will be bland and boring without seasoning, and it’s usually best to salt them a few minutes after frying them and giving them some time to cool down.