3 Tasty Types of Cream of Mushroom Soup That You Should Make ASAP

Cream of mushroom soup
Photo by Dmitry Kovalchuk on Unsplash

There’s something simply irresistible about creamy soups and we had to pick one type that’s never going out of style, cream of mushroom soup would make the cut. This soup comes in many shapes and forms, and here are three delicious variations that you should try making.

Keep it Smooth

When you think of cream of mushroom soup, this is probably the type that first comes to mind. Creamy, ultra-smooth soup is the most popular variety on the market and it’s super easy to achieve its velvety texture by puréeing your ingredients with an immersion blender.

Chunky Soup

Cream of mushroom soup can be incredibly filling and delicious even if its texture isn’t super-smooth. Chunky cream of mushroom soup is another popular variety, and it will be your cup of tea if you like soups with stew-like texture and a bunch of tasty ingredients, starting with sautéed mushrooms.

Just Go Vegan

If you’re trying to embrace a plant-based diet, cream of mushroom soup is about to become your new best friend. Basic recipes are often vegan and it’s easy to modify them if that’s not the case. Plant-based butter, milk, and broth or stock can easily be used in place of their non-vegan alternatives.