Avoid These Foods at the Airport

Photo by Viraj Bhalani on Unsplash

Waiting at the airport can be a long process. Not only do they recommend arriving at least two hours before your flight, but delays and layovers can have you waiting for hours on end. It’s natural to get peckish and go in search of something to eat, but we recommend staying away from these foods when traveling. 

Carbonated Drinks

No one wants to feel bloated while sitting in a cramped plane seat. To prevent the discomfort (of the bloating, not the seat), avoid anything fizzy before take-off. Air pressure decreases at higher altitudes, which means that gas—including the kind in your tummy—will expand on the plane.

Salty Foods

We’re not suggesting that you eat bland food, but it’s best to stay away from anything that is very high in sodium. Excessive salt can lead to swelling, as well as dehydration, which do not make for a comfy flight.

Salad Bar

Opting for salad may seem like a good idea, but the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises that it may actually be healthier to avoid salad. Raw leafy greens and vegetables, like those found at salad bars, may have hidden germs that, when eaten uncooked, can lead to food poisoning. Not fun.