Beets Deserve to Be in Your Veggie Rotation

Beet benefits
Photo by Natalia Fogarty on Unsplash

Like them or not, we all have to eat vegetables in order to get the nutrition our bodies need. The good news is that, as cooks, we can find a way to prepare even the most intimidating vegetables such that they’re delicious and easy to eat.

But if that’s the case, why is it that so few people cook with beets? Is it because you didn’t grow up eating them? Or because you’re scared they’ll stain your whole kitchen pink?

Well, whatever it is stopping you from introducing beets into your diet, we hope you’ll think twice. Because there are actually lots of reasons to eat beets.

First, they’re so good for you. A great source of vitamins and minerals like folate and nitrates, beets have been shown to be able to lower blood pressure, improve athletic performance, fight inflammation, improve digestion, and support brain health and healthy weight.

Plus, they actually do taste good! A root vegetable, beets have the satisfying texture of potatoes but with a bit of a floral, sweet flavor.

And they’re not that hard to cook at all. You can prepare them pretty much like any other vegetable, steaming, boiling, or roasting depending on your personal preference. So what are you waiting for?