Bunless Burgers Allow You to Put a Healthy Twist on This Fast Food Staple

Burger ingredients
Photo by emy on Unsplash

Burgers are one of the ultimate fast-food staples, so it doesn’t come as a shocker they’re not necessarily considered healthy. One of the easiest ways to improve them is to eat them without a bun because bunless burgers come with a long list of health benefits.

Portion Control

Portion control can help you keep all the unhealthy foods on the healthier side, including burgers. Ditching the bun alone will make the calorie intake of your dish much smaller, and you can always replace it with healthier alternatives, such as lettuce wrap or collard greens.

Fewer Carbs

If you’re trying to embrace a low-carb diet, bunless burgers will become your new obsession. Since buns happen to be high in processed carbs, eating a burger without this ingredient is a great way to eliminate carbs from your diet. Refined carbs are best avoided because they only lead to short-term fullness because they’re low in fiber and digested quickly.

Other Ingredients

One of the main issues with buns is that they tend to overpower the rest of the fillings used in your burger. After all, they take up two-thirds of your dish and other ingredients will finally have their moment in the spotlight once you ditch the buns.