Remember These Tips for Your Next Starbucks Trip

Photo by Gema Saputera on Unsplash

Everyone has heard of the Starbucks “secret menu”. Whether or not it actually exists is still up for debate, but mentioning it is most likely going to annoy your barista… Next time you’re headed to a Starbucks, here are three things to bear in mind. 

Trust Your Barista

The person behind the counter knows more than you realize. Your barista has been well-versed on how to make coffee—particularly Starbucks’ own menu—and likely has a passion for the caffeinated liquid. Tell them what you enjoy and they’ll be sure to recommend something to suit your taste buds.

Learn to Let Go

Adore Pumpkin Spice Lattes? A huge fan of Peppermint Mochas? Starbucks’ seasonal drinks are some of their most popular items, but, as with life, everything has its season. The ingredients for these drinks are only available in store during their designated season which means that baristas can’t make you a PSL in May as much as you beg. 

Know Your Roast

Starbucks uses a dark roast espresso for their lattes, while most local shops use a medium roast espresso. If you enjoy your coffee strong, stick with dark; otherwise, ask your barista to rather make your drink with blonde espresso.