Candy Boards are Here Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Image via amarosy/depositphotos

Over the past year, charcuterie boards have been one of the hottest food trends. We’ve seen breakfast boards, jarcuterie, hot cocoa boards, sundae boards, and charcuterie chalets. The latest board are candy boards which are here just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Candyboards are trending on Instagram with over 6,700 posts to date and they feature heart-shaped boards or boards with white, red, and pink foods. When it comes to foods, you can get creative with what include on the board. We’ve seen everything from sweets treats like cupcakes, ice cream, and cookies, to America’s most popular Valentine’s Day candies, to chocolate covered fruits and pretzels. Who doesn’t love a sweet and salty combination?

And making these boards couldn’t be easier. You just need a board, red and pink candy, fruit, ice cream, cupcakes, heart-shaped treats, and Valentine’s Day sweets. You really can use whatever you have in your pantry and don’t be afraid to get creative with the combinations.

Regardless of if you plan on spending Valentine’s Day with your significant other or roommates, these boards are perfect for grazing and they’ll make your holiday feel special. We could all use a bit of sweetness in our lives right now.