Change Up Your Normal Sandwich and Make It an Egg in the Hole!

Image by drnight2 from Pixabay

An egg in the hole is a classic combination of an egg fried inside a hole in a slice of bread! This makes for a scrumptious breakfast, of course, but it also can be the base for a really fun sandwich! So here’s how you make it, and how you can put a spin on it.


To make the traditional egg in the hole, take a piece of bread and cut out a hole in the center using a cookie cutter, shot glass, or whatever you have. Heat up butter in a skillet and put the bread into it. Add a little more butter inside the hole and then crack in the egg into the hole. Season with salt and pepper, wait a couple of minutes, and then flip carefully. Cook for another couple of minutes and you’re done!


After you’ve made the classic, you can then use the bread as the base to a number of sandwiches! You can make another classic like a BLT, or go a cheesy route with various cheeses and veggies.

A really cool thing to do is to make the egg in the hole with a burger bun instead of regular bread to mimic the idea of putting a fried egg on top of a patty!