Chef Jacques La Merde Proves That You Don’t Have to Be Real to Be Popular

If there’s one thing that you need if you want to succeed on Instagram, it’s to master the skill of presentation. Coincidentally, that’s also the main feature of high end eateries. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that beautiful photos of nicely arranged food have found a way to the followers.

Chef Jacques La Merde (please don’t try to translate his name from French) is the Instagram leader in this niche. He pairs the fanciest foods he can find with plain ones like cupcakes, and he arranges the tiniest portions on clean, white plates. He has over 140,000 followers, but the whole account is actually a joke.

The creator of Chef Jacques La Merde is actually a woman named Christine Flynn, and yes, she’s also a chef. Her followers knew that the whole account was a parody from the beginning and stayed for the fun.

See what it’s all about in the pictures below.