Classic Hedgerow Royale Cocktail To Make The Weekend Even Better

The Hedgerow Royale is definitely not the first cocktail that comes to your mind, but we’re here to remind you that you are missing out on a lot. If you love gin and Prosecco, this is the drink you need to be sipping on. Check out how to make it and which ingredients you need in the recipe below.

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If you want to prepare the Hedgerow Royale cocktail you will need the following ingredients:
60 ml Prosecco
25 ml sloe gin
crushed ice
25 ml cherry brandy and rosemary sprigs. You will need the rosemary for garnish.


This cocktail is usually served with crushed ice, but if you only have ice cubes that will do the job too.

You can choose between any type of large and wide glass. The two best options are either a champagne saucer or coupe glass.

Fill yours with the crushed ice, then add the Prosecco. You can also include a leaf of rosemary in the glass. Start adding the cherry brandy and the sloe gin as well. You need to do this very slowly so that those two liquids reach the bottom.

The Hedgerow Royale cocktail should feature layers. You can now enjoy your delicious cold drink.