Deveining Shrimp: Simple With this Tip

Photo by Елена Можвило on Unsplash

If there is one thing that cooks throughout the world know, it’s that there are some tasks in the kitchen that are simply unpleasant. One of the best examples of this dilemma is the task of deveining shrimp, which has given many chefs a stomach and a headache over the years.

The “vein” in shrimp is actually not a vessel that delivers blood to the animal, but rather the animal’s digestive tract. This means that – you guessed it – waste and other disgusting materials are located in this vein that smart chefs remove before preparing shrimp.

So, it might seem like a gross and impossible task, but this simple tip will help to make it easier and less painful. Check it out!

Step One

Start off by removing the head from the shrimp before cooking it. This will allow for easier access to the vein and also will help prepare the crustacean for its preparation.

Step Two

Take a small bowl and place it on your counter. You should devein the shrimp over this bowl in order to contain leakage of nasty things!

Step Three

Take a wooden skewer and insert it horizontally into the back of the shrimp. This is where the vein is located.

Lift up until a black “vein” appears. Pull it out with your finger, being careful not to break it.

It’s as simple as this! Now, go devein some shrimp!