Different Ways to Enjoy Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato
Photo by Jess Loiterton/Pexels

One of the tastiest side dishes on the planet is none other than potato’s sweeter cousin, sweet potato. This orange-tinged starch isn’t just a delight for the taste buds—it’s also super healthy, and there are many different ways to eat it. If you’re trying to shake things up a bit, here are three different ways to enjoy sweet potato.

Roasted Sweet Potato

Arguably the best way to enjoy sweet potato is to just keep things as simple as possible. Toss some spices on the sweet potato, put it in the oven, and roast it until the insides are moist and delicious. It really doesn’t get any more classic than this.

Sweet Potato Pie

If you really want to place a strong emphasis on the “sweet” in the sweet potato, a great way to do that is to make a sweet potato pie. The good thing about it is that most of the sweetness comes from the potato itself, so you don’t have to add many other external sweeteners such as sugar.

Sweet Potato Soup

Finally, another excellent way to utilize the strong properties of sweet potato is to make it into a soup. This can be a great solution during the cold winter months, because sweet potato soup is super heavy and warm.