Do You Know What Pizza Tables are Used for?

Have you ever had a pizza delivery guy show up at your house, leave a box of pizza, and then open the box to discover a strange white plastic item sitting on top of your pizza? If you’re anything like me, you probably have, and then wondered just what in the world the little table-esque item is.

Well, this little plastic device is known as a pizza table, and it actually serves quite a useful role in the serving of pizzas.

Pizza tables are typically only used when a pizza is packed inside of a box, and for good reason. The function that the little plastic device serves it to keep the top of the box from touching the pizza, causing it to get moist, and then possibly causing all kinds of problems.

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The pizza box could cause the cheese and the toppings to lift off of the pie, or even cause the box’s cardboard to adhere to the pizza. This is why pizza tables are so important!

Some pizza chains and restaurants have even decided to start getting creative with their pizza tables. You’ll occasionally see some with chairs included! This funny touch could be the perfect addition to a miniature home or to a dollhouse.

So, has the pizza table mystery finally been cleared up for you?