Don’t Worry, Cooking Mishaps During Christmas are Quite Common

Photo by Rumman Amin on Unsplash

If you’re the one preparing Christmas dinner this year, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. No matter how many times you’ve done it, hosting can be a daunting task because so many things can go wrong. 

Yet, according to a survey from OnePoll that was commissioned by the bakery brand St. Pierre, mistakes are all part of the day!

The study found that, on average, those who host Christmas dinner have around “three disasters” every year.

The most common mistake was burning the turkey, but other mishaps include burning the stuffing, undercooking the roast potatoes, making soggy vegetables, undercooking the vegetables, forgetting to serve the gravy with the meal, serving cold food, forgetting to supply vegetarian and vegan alternatives for guests, and forgetting the Christmas pudding. There were also a few who set their puddings on fire. 

“It’s safe to say the majority of us have experienced some sort of unplanned mishap at Christmas,” stated a spokesperson for St Pierre. “A lot of the list of disasters are food focused because food is such an important part of the occasion and it’s something everyone wants to get right to impress others. No matter how bad it might feel messing up on Christmas Day, those who have experienced such a thing agree that it’s all part of making memories.”

If you’re prone to calamities in the kitchen, always have something ready-to-eat as a back-up in case something goes seriously wrong.