Foods That are a Great Source of Vitamin C

Photo by K8 on Unsplash

Food is not only a tasty treat that keeps us going—so many essential vitamins and minerals are sourced from our diet. A super important one is vitamin C, as it helps keep our cells healthy and protected. As well as this, it’s great for our immune system which is much needed during winter. Here are some great natural sources of this vitamin.


This is the classic food most people think of when it comes to natural vitamin C sources. This fresh citrus is in season over winter which makes it the perfect fruit to keep those winter colds at bay. Perfect as a snack by itself or thrown into a hearty salad.

Bell Peppers

This crunchy fresh vegetable is not only delicious and versatile, but will also give you a great intake of vitamin C. Whether you have it raw dipped into houmous, or roast it in the oven to add to pasta or soups, there are numerous ways to enjoy this juicy veg.

Kiwi Fruit

This delicate-tasting fruit is perfect to add to your morning porridge or to just enjoy by itself. Its gentle flavor will appeal to most people’s palates and is a great way to pack in some vitamin C.