Forget the Drive-Thru, Make This Crunchwrap Supreme at Home!

The crunchwrap supreme is one of Taco Bell’s most popular dishes. It combines all the fillings of a taco that you love with crunchy tostada shells all wrapped in a flour tortilla. This is the perfect savory dish to serve at parties because there’s is plenty to go around, but beware! People will probably eat more of this delicious dish than you can imagine.


The ingredients for this dish can be totally customized to your taste! But the classic crunchwrap is ground beef, cheese sauce tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, sour cream, and tostada shells. The recipe below will be vegetarian but you can certainly use the ground beef like the original!


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THE SUPREME, CRUNCH WRAP SUPREME 🔥💃🏼🔥 Ingredients… 🔺Large flour tortillas 🔺2 grilled chicken breasts 🔺Mini bell peppers 🔺Medium white onion 🔺2 jalapeños, deseeded & whites taken out 🔺3 garlic cloves 🔺Round crunchy taco shell 🔺Salsa & lite sour cream 🔺Mexican mixed cheese Directions… 🔻Grill Chicken as whole breasts (as described in previous post) set aside to rest for at least 5 mins 🔻Sauté peppers & onions, once browned, add chopped jalapeños and garlic 🔻Dice chicken and combine ingredients 🔻Cut center out of one round tortilla, use round crunchy taco as a trace (about 1.5 inches) 🔻 On the large round tortilla, add cheese to cover entire surface 🔻Add chicken & veggie mixture on top of cheese 🔻Add light layer of salsa & sour cream on top of crunchy shell 🔻Place 2 crunchy taco shells on top of mixture (just 1 isn’t crunchy enough) 🔻On top of shell, add another layer of cheese so small top tortilla holds 🔻Place cut out tortilla on top 🔻Fold large tortilla around large tortilla in small sections, one after another while holding the previous piece to create the wrap 🔻Place folded side down on a heated & oiled/ sprayed skillet (do not use too much oil or the wrap will not hold together) 🔻Place heavy plate on top of wrap to compress 🔻Flip when golden brown & all the edges have stuck 🔻Remove when remaining side is golden brown & enjoy 🤤❤️

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  1. Start by putting 5 flour tortillas in a circle with the tortillas slightly overlapping, and then one in the middle.
  2. Chop up some tomatoes as well as iceberg lettuce.
  3. Put cooked black beans or refried beans in the center tortilla, followed by the cheese sauce and then the tostada shells slightly crushed.
  4. Pour over sour cream, the tomatoes, the iceberg, and finally, one more tortilla on top.
  5. Fold all the tortillas over to make almost a star design.
  6. Brush over canola oil over the top and stick the whole crunchwrap in a 450F oven for 5 minutes.
  7. Serve and enjoy!